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Terms and conditions of use

Below we have all the items on Terms and Conditions of Use

Terms of use

When registering, customers voluntarily determine that they wish to provide their personal data required in contracting, updating or canceling certain services offered on or through the site, such as: promotions, purchases in the virtual store, contacts with customer service and others. .

The information collected by Internet users browsing the O Belo Imperfeito online store is used with the basic purpose of identifying: the public, the user, their profile and buying habits, for management, administration, service, expansion and improvements in the products and services offered ; for adapting services to user preferences and tastes; for the creation of new products and services; and also for sending operational and commercial information regarding products and services, by traditional and/or electronic means.

For more information about the data collected, check out our Privacy Policy.

Exchanges and Returns

The procedures below were based on the Consumer Defense Code and demonstrate that the relationship between our customers and must be based on trust and mutual good faith.


In cases where manufacturing defects are found, the customer may request the exchange of the product within the 90 (ninety) day warranty period offered by O Belo Imperfeito. Products must preferably be returned in their original packaging, exactly as they were delivered.

Occurrences involving exchanges or returns must be communicated to our Call Center via e-mail

Refuse the goods if any of the following situations occur:

- Opened or damaged packaging;
- Defective product;
- Product not in accordance with the order; and/or
- Lack of accessories.

Belo Imperfeito is under no obligation to repair, exchange or refund products that show clear signs of misuse. Always check the product when you receive it. Any problem, contact our Customer Service immediately. The product must be picked up at the same address where the delivery was made.

Analysis of product defects:

- The defect assessment will be carried out by our team and then the final report of the exchange order will be issued. Average completion time: 15 working days after receiving the product.

- In the case of a report favorable to the exchange, the customer will receive at the origin address, at no additional cost, the replacement of the product by another of the same model. If the product is not in stock, the customer will be notified and will be able to choose another model to exchange from the existing options on the site, respecting the credit limit. If there is a price difference between the chosen product and the product claimed, payment of the difference must be arranged.

- In case of a report contrary to the exchange, the product will be returned without the right to replacement. The reasons for disapproval are as follows:

    Absence of defect (no evidence of damage pointed out by the customer);
    Indications of inappropriate use of the product;
    Indications of accidental and/or intentional damage;
    Natural wear and tear as a result of use;
    Inadequate washing of the product.

The costs of reshipment, in case of a report contrary to the exchange, will be the responsibility of the customer.


In case of return due to regret or withdrawal, the following conditions must be respected:

- The deadline for withdrawing the purchase of the product is up to 7 (seven) calendar days, counting from the date of receipt;
- The product must be returned in its original packaging, without signs of use and as it was delivered.

Belo Imperfeito will arrange for the collection of the merchandise at the place where it was delivered. For return or exchange due to dissatisfaction, Belo Imperfeito reserves the right to charge shipping costs as well as other expenses associated with its return.

It is noted that the exchange and/or return policy within a period of 7 days does not apply to personalized products, which cannot be returned or exchanged, since they are products made exclusively, determined by each order. We clarify that once the customization has been made, it cannot be removed, leaving the product unusable for any other sale. If your personalized item has a defect in the product or in the customization, please contact our Relationship Center.

Respecting all the conditions listed above, O Belo Imperfeito will refund the total amount of your order.

Delivery Policies

You can choose to pick up the goods at our address if you live in São Paulo, from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6 pm. To do so, check the "Store Pickup" option at checkout. Your order will be available for pick up within the timeframe informed at check-out. In any case, we will contact you to let you know that your order is now available for collection.

For other destinations, the O Belo Imperfeito online store uses the Correios delivery services. The shipping cost is automatically calculated on the website according to the city you live in. This calculation takes into account the delivery location (CEP), order value, weight and cubage of the products.

Two ways of sending orders are offered: PAC (Normal Order), with delivery time between 10 and 15 working days, after the posting date; and SEDEX (express order), with an average delivery time of 48 hours for capitals and 72 hours for Interior, after the posting date and upon confirmation of the order. Correios offers delivery coverage throughout the national territory by PAC and, in the main cities, by SEDEX.

Policy for using the brand O Belo Imperfeito

 Belo Imperfeito is a company linked to products, jewelry and semi-jewelry, which are protected by copyright, industrial property and personality rights related to the image, voice and name.

The brand O Belo Imperfeito is registered with the National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI), the body responsible for registering trademarks in Brazil and with several other competent bodies abroad.

In this way, O Belo Imperfeito has the right to prevent third parties from improperly using its brands and other materials published in the online store, thus protecting itself against unfair competition.

In this way, the user agrees to be solely responsible for the unauthorized use of the content of this online store and that O Belo Imperfeito will spare no efforts in order to fully preserve its property rights. This policy is governed by Brazilian law and must be interpreted in the Portuguese language. Any conflict situation that cannot be resolved in a friendly negotiation must be settled in the Forum of São Paulo, SP, Brazil.

Belo Imperfeito reserves the right to modify the Privacy Policy to adapt it to legislative or jurisprudential changes, as well as those related to commercial practices. In any case, O Belo Imperfeito will publish these changes in the online store.

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